Tower Dwellers Game 2013

Tower Dwellers is a fusion of Tower Defense and Real Time Strategy with Unit Crafting mixed in. The player builds towers along the road. Each tower spawns units that can be moved around. Support structures built next to towers determine what unit comes out, letting the player craft different combinations. In battle micromanaging units becomes essential and even swapping a support structure between waves to adapt your army comes into play. This is tower defence that keeps the player engaged and thinking strategically. The game takes the player on a conquest of 11 provinces in 3 different biomes in a poetically epic tale to regain a land once lost. 18 unique player units, over 30 enemies including 8 epic bosses all beautifully drawn and hilariously narrated.

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Games Studio: ECC Games
Studio: Reborn
CEO & Producer: Piotr Wątrucki
Executive Creative Director: Piotr Wątrucki, Michal Tomaka
Lead Programmer: Jakub Traczyk
Graphic & Animation: Jakub Jamioł
Design & Layout: Michał Tomaka
Programmer: Piotr Kowalski
SFX & Music: Jarosław Lublin
Voice Talent: Allen Enlow
QA: Grzegorz Podniesiński
Producer: Hubert Bibrowski
Trailer Animation: Marcin Struniawski

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